DFK – Your Source to knowledge of Quality Management

Vector illustration of the British flag Vector illustration of the British flag uk flag emoji stock illustrations In a world where competition and demands for quality are constantly on the rise, it is crucial for businesses and institutions to prioritize quality. This is where DFK steps in as your source for knowledge and inspiration in quality assurance and quality management. DFK, a non-profit membership association, has been a significant voice in this field since 1960.

At the core of DFK lies a passion for quality management, and we are dedicated to assisting both private and public enterprises in achieving the highest level of quality. We offer a unique space where you can delve into the latest knowledge in quality management, draw inspiration from the successes of other businesses, and, most importantly, engage with like-minded individuals who share your thoughts and challenges.

At DFK, we believe in learning from practice, and our approach is always grounded in the real world. Our goal is to provide you with tangible tools and methods that can help you achieve outstanding results in quality management.

Our commitment to promoting quality encompasses a wide range of areas, including leadership, environment, safety, sustainability, risk management, and audit. We are devoted to assisting our members in tackling the daily challenges in these domains.

DFK is renowned as the leading organizer of conferences and networking events on quality in Denmark. We host four annual conferences (primarily in Danish) where experts share their insights and experiences. Our members also gain access to our publication, “Magasinet Kvalitet,” released quarterly, which delves into the latest trends and best practices in quality management.

We believe that learning and development are continuous journeys. Therefore, DFK also offers network groups, webinars, and seminars where you can connect with others who share your passion for quality. Our community of active members is committed to elevating the standard of quality management in Denmark and abroad.

So, if you are seeking a source of knowledge, inspiration, and networking in quality management, a DFK membership is the next step for you. Take the first step towards achieving outstanding quality in your business by joining our community. At DFK, inspiration begins, and quality starts here.